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    Do You Have A Myspace?

    I've got 4. How bout you?
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    Why Did You Get A Gp2x?

    What made you get a GP2X? EDIT: This was suppose to be a poll so here are your choices.... 1. Emulation 2. Homebrew 3. Commercial Games 4. Music 5. Video/Photo 6. Devolpment 7. All of The Above
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    What Handheld Is The Best When It Come To Emulation?

    What do you think?
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    What Was Your Favorite 32/64 Bit Console?

    Which one did you like more?
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    Who Here Can Make Hot Beats?

    Who's brave enough to post first?
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    Color Of The Gp2x

    I would really like a white GP2X, but I'm not sure if sells the white version or the black version because they show pictures of both. Anybody know?
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    Card Reader?

    Somebody told me you need a card reader in order to format your SD memory. Is that true?