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    Amiga Suxorz!!!11 What A.. No Carrier

    A lot of the Team 17 games seem to run pretty well on it, i.e. Assassin, Alien Breed, Project-X, Superfrog etc.
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    Feature Requests For Outcast

    I'd like controls to be fully definable, you should be able to save a default configuration and also be able to save seperate configs for each game which are loaded automatically when you load the game.
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    Er actually it emulates a 1mb chip amiga.
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    It's a lie you little liar! :) Wings works with 512k
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    Critical For Guru

    If DaveC can be made a guru then I think Critical deserves to be made a god!
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    Pinball Dreams

    I'm pretty sure the reason for this is the level of collision detection uae4all emulates. It needs sprites vs. playfield detection, I think uae4all only does sprites only. Menace is also unplayable because of this. It's not something you the user can change. Hopefully Critical will look into...
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    Only just noticed my name (thanks to my minion Iorgy), and yeh I'm the same Belgarath. I'd be only too glad to help in anyway I can.
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    As far as I know all the Amigaforever kickstarts are encrypted and so wouldn't work. I expect critical's method would work for anyone who only had a non encrypted 256k kickstart.
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    Help Installing Mame / Games

    Er why did you unzip Bombjack? Keep your mame roms zipped.
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    Rom Abbreviations

    Yeh it means Worldwide, older filenames would have (JUE) instead.
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    Sierra / Dynamix

    FreeSCI is an interpreter for the later Sierra games, but I don't believe it supports KQ6 or Longbow yet. I don't think there's an interpreter for Dynamix games at all. Of course they might work on uae4all providing you can stand the disk swapping :)
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    Good Running Psx Games On Emulator

    Having a seperate entry for each version will turn it into a right mess again, people should test their rip using epsxe or some other psx emu with high compatibility.
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    Good Running Psx Games On Emulator

    I've tidied up the mess that it was, but yes it needs the people to update their entries. But starting a forum thread or advising the list be scrapped is hardly going to help with that now is it.
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    Good Running Psx Games On Emulator

    It would be more helpful to add this information to the wiki compatibility list
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    Is it possible to add a few keys to buttons in the meanwhile then? Space, Return and F1 would help make a few more games startable/playable
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    Probably was the Palace one then, ok cheers.
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    Feddon, I noticed you added Barbarian, but which one? Was it the Palace or Psygnosis one?
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    My pleasure. As soon as I've got my gp2x working again I'll be testing loads :) Thank you for releasing this emulator, I hope you will do great things with it.
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    Outcast (castaway Module) -- Release 007!

    Having an option to save a global config and an option to save a specific config a game (like drmd) would be the best in my opinion. And Watto, Archer's only seems to crash if the intro is left to play for too long. Start the game quickly enough and it plays fine.
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    Outcast 006 Experimental

    Turrican II which loaded up fine on 005 now crashes a few seconds in once the title music (sampled) starts to play