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  1. docbroke

    Shell scripts for day to day use...

    During years of my using Linux, I have collected tiny useful scripts and in last 2 years learned a bit of bash and made few. I guess the same for other Linux terminal users, so it may be good idea to share some useful tiny scripts. I will begin with my bookmark handler/ url opener script. I...
  2. docbroke

    Share your DESKTOP!

    Let's share our desktop looks and configuration. Here is my Desktop, WM - Calm WM, Panel - conky with trayer (for systray support ), Calendar on screen is remind piped to conky, Wallpaper - my own click atPangong Tso File Manager- vifm Menu - rofi Image to show rofi menu Clean look Click...
  3. docbroke

    2 Months™ and Communism Banter (Split from Springs are brilliant! )

    Fantastic. This time 2 months (tm) feels quite real.
  4. docbroke

    Frequency bands

    As per pdf manual provided for PLS8 wireless module frequency bands available for European version are LTE (20,8,3,7,1); 3G (8,3,1); 2G dual band While pyra preorder page on dragonbox site says GPRS/EDGE: 1800/850 WCDMA: 2100/1800/900 LTE: 800/900/1800/2600 As LTE band 1=2100...
  5. docbroke

    Life of SDcard

    SD cards have fairly limited read/ write cycles compared to ssd/hdd drives. How can we prolong the life of SD card in pyra ? I was reading about this and found two things, to reduce read/write 1. Use noatime as mounting parameter in /etc/fstab 2. Do not create "swap" partition on SD card. 3. ...