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Final Burn Alpha pre-release

Here's the pre-release of Final Burn Alpha for OpenDingux.

FBA-Capex is a frontend for FBA and is based on Capex 0.6 by Jycet

D-Pad - navigate
A - Start game or toggle option in settings
X - Help
SELECT - Exit or go back to previous menu
START - Settings

Note, that some settings are leftovers from gp2x or pandora versions and do not work: overclock, scale, 68k emu core and filter.

Final Burn Alpha SDL is based on pandora port which is based on gp2x port which in turn is based on EZX port which uses fba emulating core. :)

Attention: keys are hardcoded for now!

D-PAD - movement (its logic changes automatically in rotated games)
SELECT - coin
START - start
A - fire 1
B - fire 2
X - fire 3
Y - fire 4
L - quit
R - pause

- All roms must be named according to mame romset, put them in ./roms directory.
- FBA cached roms are also supported but sound is distorted in some games, use normal rom instead
- It is highly recommended to use SWAP for loading large roms (128Mb seems ok)
- Overclock to 408 MHz is recommended as well
- Compatibility is the same as with FBA320
- In some games music stops playing after some time, it's a bug of cz80, switch to mame_z80 in settings (slower)
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