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FAST video resizer (vid2gp 1.5) 1.5

(V1.5) This is a bash script that uses transcode in order to RESIZE your videos.

This script only resizes your videos and NOT reencodes them, this means that
you can SAVE a lot of TIME and about 30-50% of disk space!! ^___^

Given an Mplayer compatible video file, this script outputs a standard video
in an AVI container using Xvid4 and MP3 as default codecs (fully readable from
your GP2X).

This script will automatically adjust the video size in order to minimize it
to 320x240 (keeping the aspect ratio), and eventually adds some pixels of
black border so the W or H can be a multiple of 8 (this speeds up the resizing
process a lot).
In addition it will add an additional black border in order to obtain a full
320x240 screen. This feature was added to overcome to a GP2X Mplayer/MP2X bug
which wrongly cuts *some* videos, making the subtitles unreadable.


USAGE: vid2gp videofile [quality]
Where quality can be: 0(fastest) to 5(insane). Default is 0.


v1.5: * all videos to 320x240, keeping aspect ratio, adding black border
* added more colors
* made some cleanup on the source
v1.4: * corrected the returned size format (XXX.YY instead of XXX)
* $TMP now points to '/tmp' and not '/tmp/ram'
v1.3: * rewrited the entire script in a better manner
* rewrited dimensions calculation steps
* added 5 presetted profiles! (see quality parameter)
* customizable temp dir ($TMP) and file suffix ($SFIX)
v1.2: * added the customization of the temp directory (look in default params)
* corrected the printed frame count
* adjusted the help
v1.1: * corrected a dimension calculation error (W based on H)
v1.0: * first release

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