Chopper Attack for GP2X- 1.0.17 Update 10.0.17 Beta

  1. KermEd
    Chopper Attack for Wiz - 1.0.17 Update

    Chopper Attack is a submittion for Pandora Angst Contest. It is a top-down helicopter shooter.

    This is a critical update following the PACC release.

    | Whats New |

    - Fixed Collisions
    - Combined GP2X and GP2X Wiz versions
    - Updated Awards on Highscore
    - Improved Awards
    - Added Weapon Power Bar
    - Added Weapon Speed Bar
    - Changed death reaction
    - Changed next-level reaction
    - Sped up enemies
    - Sped up player
    - Repaired rotation issues
    - Fixed bug with Power-Up crate adding extra lives
    - Added Windows 'cheat' keys

    For more information check the readme or the website.

    It includes a GP2X version. You can disable the mouse and function without it if needed.