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    The biggest computer/gaming mistake you have ever made.

    No regrets about Gizmondo. I got to go to E3 for free when the xbox 360 was released.. it was prolly the best time of my life so far :) also swapped a spare Gizmondo for a Wii so all in all v good :P regrets... probably forgetting head tags in front of everyone in my class when I was...
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    Release Pandora Overlay Menu

    I made this way back when... wondering if you would like it... I can supply you with source or make you images for your work.
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    Pandora App Store Suggestion

    prove charles darwin right then, if your appstore is better develop it and promote it. if people use and trust it it will conquer over this appstore. but atm we just want to make the features better and simple to use and just get on with having publically available apps to the pandora population
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    A Pandora Review

    can i try on a kids face? yep but there was no treasure inside :(
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    A Pandora Review

    oh thought skeezix made the auto discovery thing.. my bad.. wasnt paying attention in class. its still good :P edit: yea i ment PND auto discovery might be worth a field test
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    A Pandora Review

    A Pandora review Introduction Yep here goes another rambling review of a Pandora you’re all dying to hear about. Sorry for the guys that are still waiting for your Pandora but these kinds of reviews help you make you mind up if you’re man enough to stay on the boat and wait or jump overboard...
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    Skinning Minimenu

    I like the cut of his jib. always nice to here feedback. glad you sorted your problem out tho :D
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    Skinning Minimenu

    as long as you place the folder eg "midnight" into the skin folder it should work not sure about the other error just delete the skin redwash or whatever your skin got stuck on and the menu will bounce you back to the default. uploaded a new version of my midnight skin here...
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    Skinning Minimenu

    did it a while ago. time to finish my skin
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    Pandora Light Music Player For Pandora

    awesome. Thanks for letting of know about the development. He you need anything from me just let of know :) better reply tomorrow. Night.
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    Skinning Minimenu

    thanks for trying it out. just need to finish it. more to come :D
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    Pandora Key As Universal Menu Key Part 2

    as suggested two threads ago i would like the pandora button to... on press: bring up application menu on hold: bring up kill menu if a specific thing could be made where on a press an unified menu could be displayed saying "application menu" and "close program" etc
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    I Haven't Canceled My Order

    *hugs* <_< f***ing attention seeker :P
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    There Should Be A Skins Tab In The Appstore

    skins arent accepted as pnd files are they? wonder if they could be :)
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    Bye Everyone

    gah what a waste of time waiting all this time. cya borgie hope you come back on the 2nd batch tho